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About the Art

Stepping outside the boundries that are normally thought of when you hear the word "photography", Tim and Bev have each developed their own art forms that are simply amazing.


For Tim, the museum level, fine art black and white imagery is what captures his imagination and it is where he honed his skills and continues to at every turn. At the tender age of 12, he was assisting his father in the darkroom and his love of a fine tuned black and white image has never dwindled. Today, though the processes have changed, the exquisite final results and the high standards have not. Each image is hand-printed to archival standards, hand-signed, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is registered.

You can see Tim's images in the Black and White Gallery.


For Bev, mixed media paintings are where she landed. With a background in art and her love of color and form, things that are artistic hold sway over her imagination. For Walden's, the paintings she does are called Beau Visage, meaning "beautiful face." Every step of her unique process is handled with stability in mind so you can rest assured, a Beau Visage piece will be around for a long time. Each piece is one of a kind, done entirely by hand with each stroke carefully applied, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity complete with a wax seal and is registered.

You can see Bev's images in the Beau Visage Gallery.


For the Walden Color Studies, Tim and Bev come together to style, light and photograph you or your loved ones in the most beautiful way possible. Using only custom backgrounds by artists that specialize in painting for photographers (and some specifically for the Waldens), you can rest assured that your Color Study is the best of the best! Classical in approach and shot in the Walden studio, these are investment worthy pieces of art that will look as stunning in your home twenty years from now as today. Because of the size of the backgrounds, these pieces are only available in Lexington.

You can see the Color Study gallery here.