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Simple Artisan Portraits

Simple Artisan Portraits

All Simple Sessions-$99.00

All Simple Selections-from $199.00-499.00

We understand how complicated it can be to plan a big session, especially for "mom" to whom the task usually falls.

We know it's a big deal to plan your family's session. Ok, you can breathe now with our Simple Artisan portraits, meant to be easy on you and your wallet. 

Each black and white portrait is hand-printed and presented in white, museum grade 8-ply or double mats, upholding what the Waldens have always stood for-artistic, hand-crafted art pieces to grace your walls for years to come.

Simple clothing...medium to dark, solid clothing means it's easy for mom to get everyone dressed with very little effort! No worries about matching the clothing colors of each family member. Because these portraits are black and white, all colors simply translate to shades of gray. We are keeping it simple! 

Simple Sessions get to the point quickly, using one set that is perfect for your portrait. Simple Sessions usually last about thirty minutes.

Simple Selections include 4 options. We will help you choose what fits your family and your budget best in our Simple Selection appointment.

Although frames are not included, we have you covered with a Simple Frame line that is the perfect complement to your matted portraits.

*Promotional Gift Certificates may not be used in conjunction with our Simple Artisan portrait line.

 Click here to watch a short video Tim made just for you!