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The Summit


The Summit,
located next door to Walden's Photography in Summit Square, is Tim and Beverly Walden's new facility, showcasing their inspirational fine art collection as well as housing a classroom where they will be teaching photography classes to aspiring photographers. In addition, they plan to offer the space to the community as a gathering place for meetings. 


Tim and Beverly have traveled the world, teaching professional photography groups as well as capturing the places they visited with their well trained and creative eye. Now, for the first time, they unveil their amazing art pieces in The Summit gallery. Printed with meticulous perfection by Tim, a Master Printer, these are collectible pieces that will be enjoyed in homes and offices throughout the country. 

Purchase each piece as a photo print for $129.00 or as a rare collectible, printed on museum-grade papers for $499.00. {Matting and framing are additional}


All pieces are wall sizes with outer dimensions of 12x24, 16x24 or 20x24 (size always includes white printed space around the image).

An extra special inspirational touch on selected art pieces is the addition of a scripture that ties into the image. Tastefully added at the bottom of the image, our hope is that the viewer, when reading the scripture and looking at the art piece, is greatly inspired.

It is Tim and Beverly's vision that this facility be used for a variety of gatherings, for educational purposes as well as community meetings that need a place to come together. 

For Tim and Bev, it is the perfect place to fulfull a vision they have had for many years of teaching photography to those who own a digital camera and want to improve their skills. Having taught thousands of professional photographers for two decades and being chosen for Kodak's Mentor program, they are well versed on creating amazing imagery and teaching others who want to do the same, but these classes will be tailored more towards the beginner and aspiring photographers. These classes will cover the basics as well as many tips on capturing that perfect photo. 

Tim and Beverly plan to teach these photographic workshops throughout the year, with dates announced here as well as their Facebook page Waldens Photography.

Private lessons are available on a first come, first serve basis and as time allows. 
$350. for 4 hours of private instruction.    $600. for 8 hours of private instruction.   

Contact us through this website for more information and to sign up.